I remember hearing in an interview with Charlie Day how they’d always write and sometimes film scenes which moved the characters along or explained things about them but they’re always the firs to be cut for time because jokes are more important but OMG

This scene is 100% canon I don’t even care.

Yes truth this is further evidence that Charlie is canon ace :)

I like to think that Mac realized Charlie was ace way before Charlie did and was cool with it much in the same way that I believe Charlie figured out Mac was queer long before he did and was cool with it, and so they both understand the other one’s sexuality and take no issue with it but they never bring it up because they know the other one doesn’t want to talk about it

Apocalypse Not Right now - Music to end the world to.

Dance Or Die - Family Force 5 // Bloody Mary  Vs. Valley Of The Dolls - Marina & The Diamonds Vs. Lady Gaga // Radioactive - Imagine Dragons // Sail - AWOLNATION // Holding Out For A Hero - Bonnie Tyler // 99 Red Ballons -Nena // Apocalypse Please - Muse // Only The Horses -Scissor Sisters // Seven Devils - Florence And The Machine // 4 Minutes - Madonna // Rapture - Blondie // Great Vacation - Dirt Poor Robins // It’s The End Of The World - R.E.M. // No Way Out - Electric Light Orchestra // Skeleton’s On Parade - Ludo // Seven Nation Army The White Stripes //



I like being in a school where the girl to boy ratio is 2:1 with a healthy dash of nonbinary students that’s just nice I feel safe

Check out this mix on @8tracks: näher by sauntereddownwards.

this is going to be the death of me

Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.

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Oh god the sun is coming up, why did I do this


usually i try to stay out of ~tumblr politics~, but something has become disturbingly apparent to me when it comes to the issues the community of “social justice” individuals actually cares about.

no one is talking about vandalized anne frank books in japan, ukranian jews fearing for their lives, the belgian train where people took over the p.a. and told jews to get off at auschwitz, or the newly captured nazis in england and the public outcry over trying them.

the last one is especially disturbing, given that the news source has taken no steps to address the blatant antisemitism and they approved the messages to be posted on the article.

so why is tumblr so tacit about this?

i think it points to a deeply ingrained societal antisemitism, or a general lack of knowledge when it comes to the trials that comes with being jewish. while racism on a whole has been on the decline, antisemitism has been on the rise in the last decade.

there is a message, here, too. the message tells us that we are not worth defending, we are not worth as much as other oppressed groups, or that we somehow deserve the nasty comments and violence that we endure every day.

tumblr is a community that tries to be accepting and bring social issues to life, unless you’re jewish. we should just ‘get over it’ or stop talking about it, right?

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weird question

how do i get my palms to not be always sweating when im nervous/stressed/anxious anything??????


sometimes I wonder if anyone has a crush on me and then i’m like


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